Bridging IT Skills Gaps

  • Guidance on the impact of Digital Transformation
  • Value of deploying an IT skills framework
  • 7 steps for deploying an IT skills framework
  • The Anatomy of an Effective IT skills framework
  • Key considerations in deploying an IT skills framework

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Digital Readiness Assessment

  • Clearly define the scope of Digital Readiness change
  • Assess Digital Readiness maturity gaps
  • Identify relevant solutions
  • Develop Digital Readiness road maps

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Problem Solving Workshops

  • Know that you are solving the right problem
  • Get more done in less time
  • Motivate your team
  • Discover why something is not working correctly
  • Streamline business processes and more…

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Validating Problems and Solutions

  • Avoid wasting time on problems and solutions that nobody else experiences or values.
  • Understand the context of a user
  • Understand user pains
  • Understand what creates value
  • Is your solution matched to the problem
  • Does your solution solve your problem
  • Know if your solution falls short of problem

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Design A Better Business

Comprehensive guide to new tools, skills and mindsets required to create value from uncertainty.

  • Develop Your Vision
  • Design Your Story
  • Create Design Criteria
  • Understand Your Customer
  • Understand Your Context
  • Understand Your Business
  • Expand Your Ideas
  • Bring Ideas To Life

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Value Proposition Design

  • Understand the patterns of value creation
  • Develop a shared language for your team
  • Avoid wasting time on ideas that aren’t valuable
  • Design, test and deliver what customers want

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We also build ideas for individuals and organizations.